Neil Sawhney

Neil Sawhney


Hi! I'm Neil Sawhney

I'm a Mechanical Engineer


I love to solve problems, create, and innovate.

I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art with a minor in computer science. In my spare time I like to work on engineering projects, typically relating to robotics, electronics, or software.


Some articles I've written

A collection of things I found interesting or poorly documented


Some stuff I've made

A collection of my personal and professional work

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Freelancing: Functional CAD, 3D Printing, Programming, Web Design

I've done a bit of freelancing, mostly for CAD, but also some small progamming projects, and a few websites. Here are some metrics.

8+ Years



Programming Jobs


Custom CAD Jobs


Custom Websites



Listed below are my full time job experiences, as opposed to my freelancing experience. Included as well are some academic clubs.

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai2022-Present

Biomedical Engineer Internship

Developing a device that performs PID control on a fluidic pump inserted into the eye and analyses live intraocular pressure data to provide crucial insights to surgeons during glaucoma surgery.

Intelligent Ground Vehicle Control2021-Present

Mechanical Hardware Subteam Lead

Mount sensors such as encoders, LiDAR, Stereoscopic Cameras, etc.

Designed a mechanical emergency stop which can be triggered wirelessly.

Designed a Drive-By-Wire braking system to allow autonomous braking.

Wrote Machine Learning code in python that does both object and text detection to allow the car to identify traffic signs in real time.

Intelligent Ground Vehicle Control2020-2021

System Aggregator

Wrote C++ code to catch catastrophes before they happen. For example, large spikes in acceleration or turning requests trigger an emergency stop.

Wrote C++ code to send and receive encoded warning and emergency stop messages through CAN bus.

The WaterfrontCenter

Sailing Instructor

Taught over 400 sailing lessons to children, adults, veterans, and people with disabilities.

Designed and 3D printed specialized parts to make learning sailing for blind people easier to conceptualize.

Coached opti and 420 race teams for competition and led 13 students to qualify for states.


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